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What are the Differences between Clarity & Forma Composite Decking?

What are the Differences between Clarity & Forma Composite Decking blog image
  • Here at Greenview, we try to cater to our customers diverse wants and needs for their outdoor space. From a heavy duty entertaining area to and anti-slip splinter free space, safe for bare feet and little ones; every customer has a different intended use for their garden. This is why we provide a diverse range of low maintenance composite products specifically designed and tested to suit the diverse range of requirements. 

    CLARITY  Clarity is our first generation composite decking board and number one seller, has proven to be a very popular product. There are a number of reasons for this; 
    Contemporary Look and Finish 
    The Clarity boards have a dual surface finish, one with a traditional narrow groove and the other a more modern wide groove. These clean lines combined with the single colour helps to create a simplistic yet desirable area to relax and enjoy in. With 5 diverse colours to choose from the Clarity range has something for everyone’s tastes. natural feel 
    British Standard Rating Classification – Anti-Slip 

    This composite decking board also attains the anti-slip category in both wet and dry conditions and on both sides. This gives customers the piece of mind that all users, from young to old,  will be safe when using the decking and it will remain an anti-slip material for the duration. The decking does not take in moisture allowing it to dry out quicker than timber and there for eliminates the issues of timber decking such as rotting growing mould and becoming slippy.
    Low Maintenance  

    As with all composite decking the Clarity boards are advertised as a low maintenance product. Our Clarity boards do not require painting, staining or sealing as with timber decking. However this should not be confused with a no maintenance product. We do recommend a light annual clean of your deck either with a brush and hose or a light jet wash to keep the surface in the best condition possible. If dirt were to transfer onto the board i.e.. muddy footprints/paw prints this would need cleaning off to keep your deck looking its best. We do ask customers to take into consideration that lighter colours will show dirt more than darker colours. 
    Colours and Colour Fade 

    As with any timber based product, slight colour fade does occur. This is why fade is something we do not guarantee against in the Clarity’s 20 year warranty. What we can state however that the boards themselves will only alter in the first few weeks they are laid allowing them to acclimatise to the area and allow excess lubricant residue left behind in the manufacturing process. After the boards have been down about 4 weeks and stabilise the board colour should then remain constant. Any initial colour difference between boards is due to the natural colour variance in the wood fibres and once weathered, the boards will all be a similar colour tone. The most fade resistant colours are Walnut and Charcoal.

    Screening and multipurpose
    In our clarity range we also have battens at 90mm x 20mm, 90mm x 10mm, 70mm x 15mm and 45mm x 10mm all in 2.9m lengths. These individual composite boards can be used up to make a number of different elements such as screening, fencing, seating or even planters to match the composite decking area.

    Price Point
    Ultimately most peoples decisions are influenced by pricing. As one of the most economically priced composite decking boards on the market, Clarity is very affordable in comparison to other types of composite decking on sale in the UK but it is also one of the higher quality 1st generation composite decking boards available. 
    FORMA The Forma composite decking is a second generation composite product. This particular type of composite is the result of extensive research and design into the use and requirement of composites.

    Hard wearing 
    With 1mm HDPE capping the Forma composite decking board is extremely durable, this durable capping also will not absorb tough staining liquids such as oils, wines and dyes. If you would like to use your decking for entertaining you can be confident that your decking will withstand heavy use as Forma was originally designed for use on commercial areas such as hotels and restaurants. 
    Colour Fast  

    Because this 1mm capping is made up entirely of HDPE (high density polyethylene) there is no lignin in the composite decking surface. Lignin is the organic element in wood that produces ‘greying’ through oxidation changing the colours we perceive with our eyes to greys and yellows in visible light. In the Forma range we offer 7 different colours all guaranteed against colour fade in the extensive warranty. 
    Wood like Appearance  
    The Forma composite decking boards also have a dual surface finish. One of the sides has the wide groove similar to the Clarity range and the other side is a unique wood grain texture. The other difference from the clarity is that the boards are multi tonal; each length has a number of different colours running through them this combined with the wood grain finish gives the visual illusion of a natural timber. 

    In our Forma range we also do 7 colours of tongue and groove fire rated composite cladding. These cladding boards can be used to set off existing buildings, or even create outdoor garden room all matching in with your composite decking.
    Price Point 

    The Forma board is considered the premium decking board range and both have factors over each other. It is really down to the customer to weigh up which benefits hold a higher value to them and the space they will be using for the next two decades. We wish you good luck in your decking journey and if you have any question or would like a Free Quote for your project please feel free to get into contact either on 01254 823656.

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