Deluxe Garden SIPS Room

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Deluxe Garden Room Kit


Holiday Lodge | Garden Room | Office

Fully insulated deluxe garden room that looks great, comes flat packed with easy assembly instructions.


Fully insulated home office garden room that looks great, comes flat packed with easy assembly instructions.




  • All year use, extend your season due to our unrivalled thermal construction.


  • Full sips shell, house building technology from North America.


  • Best thermal properties on the market, sips keep’s heat in and heat out with industry leading performance and airtightness.


  • Can achieve thermal class 4, as standard class 3, -15 ̊C outside maintains 20 ̊C inside.


  • Reduces running costs by up to 40%, meaning a better return on investment.


  • Sips provide a highly durable solid construction. Wall profiles are 178mm. No more wafer-thin walls!


  • Sips provide outstanding sound insulation, great for multi occupancy and exposed sites.


  • Due to the reduced energy usage, our buildings are classed as Eco friendly.


  • Lifespan, expected 50 years plus on the shell due to the sip system used with correct maintenance. Our buildings look like they have just arrived years later.


  • Most durable materials used. Offering true low maintenance qualities.



  • Designed and built to BS EN 1647 or BS EN 3632 standards for fire, ventilation and safety.


  • Different designs to suit every market, from Hotel to boutique glamping sites.


  • All our buildings are competitively priced in the industry, we carry out regular pricing comparisons to make sure we stay competitive.


    Our buildings


    All of our buildings are built from SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels)

    SIPs are one of the most environmentally responsible building systems available. Our buildings provide continuous insulation, are extremely airtight, allows for better control over indoor air quality, reduces construction waste, and help to save natural resources. Life cycle analysis has shown that SIPs buildings have a tremendous positive environmental impact by reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions throughout the life cycle of the building.

    What's included in a SIPS kit..




    Our Basic Factory Built Pods are left with bare interior for you to finish to your own taste.

    Whats included:

    * Structual building fully assembled
    * External cladding
    * Windows & Doors

    Interior left for you to create your perfect room


    SIPS Panels

    98mm External Walls , Floor & 122mm Roof

    SIP Splines

    Sip Joining splines to ensure that your joints are fully insulated.

    CT4 Timber

     Opening windows & doors / recesses


    Rubber roof , trims & adhesive


    UPVC windows & doors



    Beautiful red cedar external cladding



    Screws . nails , jointing adhesive and foam 

    Exploded View Kit

               Flat pack kit including windows and doors
    • Fully insulated sip panels for the building structure.
    • Insulated splines to join panels.
    • C24 treated timber for structural edges and joiners
    • Breathable membrane
    • Battens and choice of either Cedar or Redwood pine cladding
    • EPDM rubber roofing kit with trims
    • Fixing kit and full instructions and timber cutting list.
    • UPVC double glazed windows and doors


    Do I need to obtain planning permission for a garden room installation?

    In certain circumstances planning permission is required by Law but generally our Garden Rooms are designed within the allowed dimensions for domestic dwellings. Positioning restrictions may apply and properties located on heritage or listed sites will need to gain advice from the local planning authority. Please speak to our sales team for further guidance.

    Will the garden room need insulating?

    No! Our development of the Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s) technology used to construct all Garden rooms and storage units has built in extremely efficient insulating properties during manufacture. SIP’s panels are used throughout the building, floors walls and ceilings.

    If I buy a kit is there an advice / help service for building it?

    Yes full instructions and support or have us build it for you! See installation prices on the options above. 


    Made in Britain

    Low Maintainence 

    Supplied flat pack or have us install for you

    Use all year round

    Thermal Class 2+3



    Payment Options

    Payment options remain the same for our SIPS buildings for what they are for our other garden buildings. Greenview require a deposit of 50% of the building package and the remaining balance is due on or prior to your installation/delivery date. We are happy to accept payment plans once your deposit has been paid as long as the balance of the building is cleared prior to or on installation/delivery date. Payment plans can be discussed with us. 


    Deluxe Garden SIPS Room

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