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Premium Treatment For Your Garden Building

Premium Treatment For Your garden Building

All of our sheds have two options to choose from when you purchase. You can choose your shed to have standard treatment or premium treatment. The standard treatment , also known as dipped is a basic water based treatment and it does do the job. However, we recommend you add our premium treatment service to your order. With this option , the shed will be initially untreated and will then be treated with 2 coats of oil based preservative to the outside of the building by our staff to give you peace of mind that your shed will be well protected from the outdoors for at least 24 months. You can choose from a variety of colours such as red cedar, golden brown , summer tan ,dark brown and holly green. When your shed is due for retreating after approximately 2 years – we stock the barretine range of treatment in our store.

We stock tins of our preservative in 1 litre , 2.5 litre and 5 litre tins and recommend the following as a basic guideline.

Example for 6ft x 4ft shed:
370ml for 1 coat (Standard Protection)
670ml for 2 coats (Best Protection)
Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment is perfect for use on most exterior timber structures, including sheds, fences, trellises, pergolas and wooden gazebos. Absorbs into the wood with successive coats, building onto the surface, providing excellent water-repellency and beading. Solvent-based formulation for deeper penetration into the grain of the wood. Dries to between a Matt and a Satin finish, depending on the number of coats applied.
Please call in or call us for more information on our treatment service.
*Additional charges apply per size of building*