It's 2021, and working with our partner manufacturer 'Albany Sheds' , you can now design your shed from scatch in 3D! 
Starting from a shell of your new shed or summerhouse, we can create a bespoke size , add as many windows , doors and other features as you like in whatever positions you like! Looking for a 50/50 summerhouse/shed with shed doors at one end and georgian decorative windows and doors at the other?..No problem!
We have a range of heavy duty adaptable sheds and summerhouses where we can practically create your shed exactly as you want it!
How to design your own shed
1. Click the link below
2. Choose 'Greenview Sheds & Fences' as supplier
3. Select your shed model (choose spec)
4. Design your shed by dragging and dropping each component onto the building and putting them in the position you like.
5. Follow the steps through to confirm your design
6. We will receive your order and call you to run through the details.
Want us to design your shed for you? No problem!