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Design Your Own Shed

Design Your Own Shed

All of our 3D Shed Designer Models are Made From 15mm Cladding, Which is 25% Thicker Than Average, So you Know You’re Getting a Great Specification


The 3D Shed Designer is an incredible tool for configuring your shed just the way you want it. Our easy drag and drop system allows you to plan the layout of your doors and windows with ease. Please note that although we will build your shed as accurately to the 3D model as we can, there may be some differences due to manufacturing processes. For example, larger panels are made in sections, so the location of the joins may affect the door and window positioning in some cases. Any critical requirements should be discussed with your chosen retailer.

design your own shed image


Your shed will be supplied in a light brown colour (unless the untreated option is selected), but you can use 3D Shed Designer to plan your colour scheme and even order the stain to be delivered with your shed. We supply tins of high quality Sadolin treatment in various colours, which is a great product to use to keep your shed in best condition and ensure a beautiful finish.

design your own shed image colours


You can get planning with 3D Shed Designer whenever you like, then once you have made a design, save it to receive an email link. The details will also be sent to your chosen retailer for reference if you want to contact them to discuss in more detail. Once you have saved your design, you can go back and alter it as much as you like until you are ready to order.