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Pet shelters & kennels

Specification Apex Roof Kennel & Run  Tongue & Groove Shiplap One Size Only CLADDING:12mm  FRAMING:45x34mm EAVES HT1.68m LOCK:Lock & Key
Specification Traditional Apex Dog Kennels Standard Treatment Tongue & Groove Shiplap Felted Rood Examples Of Size:  Puppy Size - Ideal for small dogs , terriers , pugs etc.  Glen Size - Ideal for medium dogs , staffies , spaniels etc.  Sutton Size - Ideal for large dogs , labrador ,...
Specification  Pent Roof Kennel & Run Tongue & Groove Shiplap 1.8m Run with 10x4 Size & 2.4m Run with 12x4 Size CLADDING:12mm  FRAMING:45x34mm INTERNAL:1.67m-1.52m LOCK:Lock & Key       
Specification Apex Roof Hen House Tongue & Groove Shiplap Raised Enclosure (Approx 720mm deep internally) with access door and sliding hatch Floor Level Run Area (No Floor) With Chicken Wire Sides Run Is 600mm Longer On 8x4 Size Compared To 6x4 size CLADDING:12mm  FRAMING:43mmx34mm EAVES HT:         1.68m...