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Agricultural / Allotment

As the name suggests, these fencing posts are peeled to an approximate size. The diameter will vary from top to bottom and from post to post. peeled fencing posts are very popular for stock fencing.
Manufactured from sustainable sourced softwood timber, to produce a high quality and versatile, smooth and uniformed round post or half round stake and rail. All stakes and posts are pencil pointed, they can be chamfered top or square ended. All machined timber is pressure treated.
Greenview offer timber square, machine round timber, peeled timber for all types of installations.
Stock Netting or stock Fence is ideal for keeping in all types of pets and farm animals from sheep and pigs to cows and goats. So what do all the numbers mean? Well in the example below: C8/80/15 C = The gauge of the wire, 8 = The number of...
Hexagonal wire netting woven from mild steel wire, and then galvanised.Ideal for rabbit proof fences, chicken wire, crop guards, fencing protection against vermin.Useful for supporting climbing plants and general garden applicatons such as fruit cages.Ideal for poulty fencing, or chicken runs.This is hot dipped galvanised after manufacturer, not the cheaper...
Suitable for tying applications to heavy diameter for general fencing work.
-Strong Construction-Pliable and easy to shape-Ideal for many fencing requirements
Galvanised. Corrosion-resistant. Suitable for general construction applications. Galvanised
Standard Galvanised Nails - 1kg bag